How to Build 10k Audience?
How to Build 10k Audience?
How to Build 10k Audience?

How to Build 10k Audience?

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Thank you for downloading my eBook. Here you can find actionable insights and useful tips for building an effective personal brand. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter if you have any questions.
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Hello friends 👋, Hope you're doing good. Thank you again for downloading this eBook. I have created this file to help you build audience and know what to expect and how to achieve your goal. Building audience does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of work and dedication. With that said, let's get started.

✌️ Who am I?

👋 Hi, I'm Savio Martin. I'm a passionate front-end web developer, and I'm interested in building side projects and Saas apps. I post daily threads on web development and developer resources, and I grew my followers to 10k within 3 months. In this eBook, I explain how I did it and how you can do it too.
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🤝 Why Building Audience is Important?

If you're still not convinced by the need of building an effective personal brand, here is why:
  • Getting people to support your work
  • Get appreciation and motivation
  • Make valuable relationships
  • Gaining more users for your site
  • A way of extra income
Now you see why you should build an audience. Twitter isn't the only platform you can use to do that. You can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and so on as well.
In this guide, you can get insights on how I built an audience of 10K+ within a three-month period on Twitter. I have shared the best actionable tips to build up an audience.

📂 Table of Contents

Now, let's get started. You can always connect with me on Twitter. If you get stuck or have questions, don't hesitate to DM me. I'm happy to help.

🧑‍🎓 What I learned by hitting 10K on Twitter

I dreamed of starting a personal brand 1 year ago, first I tried Instagram, then Facebook, then Reddit, and then finally Twitter. The first 3 platforms didn't work for me, but I was able to succeed in Twitter. For the first 7 months, I did not know I could build an audience by using Twitter. I just created an account there and that's it.
The first week of July 2021, I stumbled across Twitter, where I enjoyed my time there. I found out that on Twitter you get only useful content, unlike the other platforms where we get wasteful content destroying our precious time.
Soon after I started appreciating the content creators on this platform, I began to think I could also be a content creator. Yeah, that was the day I decided to post useful content on this platform, which in turn helped me to grow and build an audience.
I am very passionate about web development and all the things associated with it. I started sharing some of my experiences, then my wins, and then I shared some of the projects I worked on. I soon discovered I'm getting more impressions on Twitter than any other platform. I started writing threads, and that was the turning point. I'm enjoying every minute I spend on Twitter and creating content.
So, here is what I used Twitter for in a nutshell.
  • Sharing my wins, I got motivated to build more.
  • Getting users for my projects, which help in its growth
  • Creating meaningful connections, found friends that genuinely supports you on all times
  • Getting useful content, twitter is one of the best place to learn something new
  • A way for extra income, companies connect with us for collaborations or opportunities
  • I built my personal brand, I'm now visible to anyone Google search

⚡ Mistakes I made

I too made mistakes when I was a twitter newbie. It's normal, don't worry about it. Here are some of my mistakes, to prevent you from making them yourself:

1. Not optimizing the Bio

People will read your bio first when they view your profile. Initially, I didn't optimize it. I used random words. I understood my mistake soon and changed it. You should change your bio until you get satisfied. Also, ask your friends for feedback.

2. Not Formatting Tweet

Formatting a tweet is very important, it is what makes people stop scrolling when they see your tweet. Make your tweets look interesting by using emojis, arrows, and symbols.

3. Not Making Connections

Try to engage with your followers, reply to their DMs, and create relationships. You'll eventually make amazing connections that are interested in your content. Twitter is one of the best platforms for making genuine connections. Engage with your followers and create relationships.

4. Not Being Consistent

Your followers will interact more with your tweets when they show up on their homepage. Regular tweeting increases your followers' interest in your tweets. Tweeting regularly can also improve your engagement and format quality. Tweeting regularly increases the visibility of your tweets.

5. Not Showcasing Work

You can use Twitter as a platform to showcase your work, including websites, ebooks, videos, and more. This allows you to invite your followers to check out your product and hopefully build up more interest in your future releases.

6. Not Using Media

Use of images, gifs, and videos in your tweets can help you explain what you're trying to say visually. Visual media could make your tweet more appealing and easy to read, but also result in more interactions.

✍️ Tweets that worked

The key thing to keep in mind is that content is the key to Twitter success. In this section, you will find tweets that helped me gain good number of followers.
Consistency is the key. Overnight success doesn't exist. All what I have achieved is because I'm consistent.
Since this section is long, I have shared it as an entire new free file before. Here you can find my best-performing tweets with actionable tips on why they worked. It is free to download. You can access it by clicking here 👇
Savio's Swipe FileSavio's Swipe File

💪 My Secret Tips

This is where it gets interesting. Everyone wants to build an audience, but most fail. There are many reasons why. As I said previously, overnight success doesn't exist. So be consistent and be optimistic. Here are my 10 secret tips to building an audience.

1. Optimize your profile

Creating an audience begins with optimizing your profile. It should clearly state why people should follow you. But be sure to keep it clean and attractive. Here are some tips to optimize your profile:
  • Use a high quality profile picture instead of logos.
  • Add a neat bio clearly showing what you're doing.
  • Design a header sharing why they should follow you.
  • Add links to your portfolios or others.

2. Pick a niche

Pick a niche and tweet only about that niche.Create unique content and consistently tweet about it. Take your niche seriously, and don't just tweet random things.
In my case: My niche is web development and technology and resources about it. I tweet only about that topic, and I help others become aspiring web developers.

3. Bring value regularly

You should bring valuable content regularly. If you tweet more often, you'll get more impressions. However, not every tweet will go viral. Also, if people don't interact with your tweets for a while, they may unfollow you. So, Be consistent and optimistic.

4. Learn How to Use Topics and Twitter SEO

Tweeting is all about understanding Twitter algorithm. When you tweet something, twitter attempts to add it to topics such as Web Development, Programming, etc. Certain keywords can help you achieve that. For example, If you wish to appear in a web development topic, use keywords such as CSS and HTML.

5. Start writing Threads.

Twitter threads are one of the most guaranteed ways of building an audience. Writing threads will keep your followers engaged in your tweets. Writing threads will also open up opportunities for writing for you. Writing threads can help you to explain without worrying about the word limit.

6. Always be Kind

Always be kind. The more you're kind, the more people will love you. Spread kindness and humanity through tweets, replies, and DMs. Even if you receive negative feedback, be kind and let them know.

7. Chat in DMs

Create meaningful connections with people. Twitter is a great place to meet people. Take advantage of DMs to contact people. Help your followers genuinely.

8. Formatting Tweet

Formatting a tweet is very important, it is what makes people stop scrolling when they see your tweet. Make your tweets look interesting by using emojis, arrows, and symbols.

9. Share your wins

You can use Twitter not only to share informative content, but also to showcase your stuffs and your wins. By doing so, you help inspire people and build trust.

10. Be Yourself

Newcomers tend to make this mistake. You should develop your own way of explaining a concept or develop your own formatting style. This make your tweets stand out from others and build trust among your followers. By copying or reusing content, you will never succeed. Instead, develop your own ideas and make the most of Twitter.

🛣️ Roadmap from 0 to 10K Audience

Now it's time for the roadmap. Here you will find what steps to take and how to improve them as you grow. I have divided the road map into 5 sections based on followers count. Here are the actionable tips to be considered.

0 to 100 followers

  • Tweet 1 to 2 times a day
  • Use 1 or 2 popular hashtags
  • Engage with bigger accounts
  • Start following people and interact
  • Never matter the follower / following ratio

100 to 500 followers

  • Tweet 2 to 3 times a day
  • Use 1 or 2 popular hashtags
  • Chat with your followers, find friends
  • Interact with bigger accounts
  • Start connections and engage in groups

500 to 1000 followers

  • Tweet 3 to 4 times
  • Engage with your followers and friends
  • Help your friends genuinely
  • Optimize your profile

1000 to 5000 followers

  • Tweet 3 to 4 times a day
  • Optimize your profile
  • Pick a niche
  • Start writing Threads

5000 to 10K followers

  • Tweet 3 to 5 times a day.
  • Engage with your followers and spread kindness.
  • Create products and offer services.
  • Learn twitter SEO and tweet using keywords
  • Support budding twitter creators
This concludes the roadmap. Always provide value to your followers and engage with them. Build up trust and enjoy your time. It takes time and hard work, be optimistic. I wish you all success. Feel free to DM me on Twitter, if you get stuck. I'm always happy to help ❤️

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